Best 6 Confinement Gift for Mother Malaysia

When you visit a new mom at confinement centres or hospitals, surely you would have to bring along a gift of some sort, right? If you’re wondering what are the best confinement gift for mother Malaysia, here are some of the recommended ones that are sure to help her journey of motherhood much easier! 

Top 6 Confinement Gift for Mother Malaysia

1. Personalised Baby Gifts 

One of the best confinement gift for mother Malaysia is personalised baby gifts! Adding a personal touch to the gifts would put a smile on the mother’s face. 

Personalised Blankets 

Wrapping a baby in a blanket is important, especially when they are just born. Take it up a notch and get a personalised blanket. The babies can sleep with it or the mothers can just wrap the baby when carrying them. 

Personalised Pyjamas 

Comfortable pyjamas for the babies are essential so that they can nap or have a good night’s sleep without feeling any discomfort! The names can be personalised at the front of the pyjamas and there are about 3 different designs at the moment. 

Personalised Sofa

For something a little different, consider getting the baby a personalised sofa! It comes in 8 colours and allows up to 9 characters for the names to be personalised at the backrest of the sofas.

Personalised Box 

If you prefer to get a few things at once instead of just one gift alone, the personalised Tot Box contains various personalised gifts in one box so you don’t have to purchase them separately! 

2. Confinement Hampers 

Bliss & Joy Hamper

Confinement hampers are one of the common confinement gift for mother Malaysia because they are packed with all the essentials to ensure good health. For those unaware, the first few months when a mother just gives birth is crucial. 

Eu Yan Sang has a wide variety of confinement hampers for you to choose from. For halal confinement hampers, HCCF focuses on providing various halal Chinese confinement food products. 

3. Comfortable Loungewear or Pyjamas 

What do new mothers need at the moment? Comfortable clothing! Not only will they be faced with stress due to taking care of a newborn baby, they also have no time for themselves. Hence, save them the hassle and get them new clothing instead! 

Lulla has various comfortable loungewear and pyjamas for mothers while they go through the motions of a newborn. The clothing is made with soft, buttery material alongside good quality cotton. 

4. Postnatal Massages 

Every single mother who just  gave birth would sincerely appreciate a good massage. You can consider getting them a postnatal massage voucher or simply just book a session for them.

Tanamera offers good postnatal massage and will bring the experience directly to your home so there is no need to even step out of the house. Mamita Care also offers postnatal massage services during the day and night (though extra charges apply for night time). 

5. Lactation Food 

When you just give birth, it’s more important than ever to ensure you get the right nutrients for the body. Hence, getting food that contains all the necessary nutrients would be a great confinement gift for mothers in Malaysia. You can consider Lacto Momma as they make delicious, nutritious cookies which are 100% halal and rich in the nutrients needed for new mothers.

6. Spa Set 

bundle of post natal care malaysia

Allow the new mothers to pamper themselves to the core with wellness products such as soaps and essential oils. Tanamera Postnatal Care Set would be a good choice because it is 100% made with plant-based ingredients which is safe for all skin types. During confinement, they can make use of the products to release stress and indulge in self-care while taking care of the baby.