Postnatal Massage: What Is It, Benefits & Where To Get It

When you just give birth, your body will not be the same as before. That’s why postnatal massages were created in order to help mothers to restore the body to its original condition. If you’re wondering all about postnatal massages, below we explain all about it: 

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What is a postnatal massage?

A postnatal massage is a particular therapy that new mothers go through after just giving birth. It has been said the first few months after birth is crucial, so the services offered with a postnatal massage will help relieve any pain and tension in the body. 

Why do you need a postnatal massage? 

There are endless benefits as to why mothers who just gave birth should get a postnatal massage. Below are some of the common benefits: 

  • Mental health will improve. Most mothers go through hormonal changes after giving birth. Therefore, the mental being will not be stable. A postnatal massage will help to ease stress and regulate the hormones. 
  • Relieve from body aches and soreness. When you just gave birth, the body is fragile and lacks strength. Hence, a postnatal massage will help the body to get back into shape. 
  • Soothes swelling in the body. Certain areas of the body will swell up after just giving birth. A postnatal massage will help to reduce swelling and ensure proper blood flow all over the body. 

Best Postnatal Massage Malaysia

1. Tanamera

postnatal massage

Tanamera is no stranger to the massage industry. Their postnatal massages include traditional Malay postnatal massage and heat treatment. You will also have the option to choose the full body rejuvenating and warming scrub, also known as lulur. 

The professional postnatal massage therapists at Tanamera will visit your home and set up the atmosphere properly so that the mothers will be comfortable. Not forgetting breast massages as it’s important for mothers who just started breastfeeding to ensure properly milk production. 

2. Snooze 

Searching for on-demand postnatal massages? Snooze is a professional on-demand platform that offers postnatal massage starting from RM168. There are 3 durations to choose from: 60 mins, 90 mins, and 120 mins. Just pick your preferred date and time to book a postnatal massage session with a professional therapist. 


3. Bayu Pregnancy Prenatal Postnatal Home Massage



Puan Lily Azlan is a professional home-based massage therapist that offers more than just postnatal massage services! She customizes every massage based on the mother’s needs and requirements. 

There are so many positive reviews about her postnatal massage as it’s extremely relaxing and comforting. When she visits your home, she will properly prep your room to make you feel comfortable and at ease. 

Address: Kasturi Idaman Condominium, Jalan Pekaka 8/6, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


4. Mamamita Care 

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Mamamita Care is started by a mother called Zarina, though her kids call her MAMITA. After learning how to perform massages since she was 7 years old, she started offering home-to-home massages for pregnant mothers. Most mothers who have gone through her postnatal massages leave good reviews and mention how relaxed they feel after just one session.

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5. Urban Retreat Spa 

Urban Retreat The Curve

Other than being one of the best spa centres, Urban Retreat Spa also offers postnatal spa services: Siam herbal healing which uses herbal compression to relieve aches, tension or pain and lymph detox massage which makes use of ginger oil to release water retention and expel wind from the body. 

Address: View the list of available locations here

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6. Bondahaven 

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Truly safe haven to mothers who have given birth. Rest assured you will be treated with utmost care and respect. At Bondahaven, you can find various postnatal services such as body wrap, special rituals (therapy sessions), and even lactation consultation for new mothers who are unsure of breastfeeding. 

Address: Lot 2, 3, Jln Puteri 2A/2, Bandar Bukit Mahkota, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

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7. Adruja Spa 

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For those who prefer traditional Kelantan postnatal massages, Adruja Spa offers at-home massage services which consists of various packages catered for different needs. Some of the services include foot bath, herbal drinks and facial treatments. 

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